park rental information

Renting Croatia Park offers a variety of amenities and activities for visitors, making it an attractive option for gatherings and events. On weekdays from 10am to 5pm, renters can choose to reserve gazebos, half of the park, or the entire park, while on weekends, preference is given to those reserving the whole park. The park provides catering services and features an LLBO restaurant on-site, where guests can enjoy Croatian specialties, wine, and imported beer.

The park is equipped with playground facilities, renovated washrooms, soccer fields, and a bocce court, ensuring entertainment for all ages. However, to maintain safety and to comply with local laws, alcoholic beverages are restricted to the restaurant area, BBQs and open fires are prohibited, pets are not allowed, and children must be supervised at all times. Additionally, there is limited parking available for large events.

Renting Father Kamber Croatian Park offers a unique blend of recreational amenities and a picturesque environment for any event.

For park rentals, viewing or additional details, please contact Kristina Drlje:

Football Fields
Children’s Playgrounds
Park Benches and Pavilions