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The Croatian Parish Park Father Kamber is a privately owned facility operated and maintained by the Croatian Roman Catholic Churches ‘Our Lady Queen of Croatia’, Toronto and ‘Croatian Martyrs’, Mississauga. The park was named for Reverend Charles D. Kamber for his significant contribution to the Croatian community in Toronto in the 1960s. Father Kamber Park is open to its members during the summer months.

Members of the park include parishioners from both church communities, as well as Canadian-Croatians living in the GTHA.
The picturesque location on the banks of the Credit River in Mississauga was selected and purchased in the mid 1960s by Our Lady Queen of Croatia Church to provide a gathering place for parishioners to celebrate their Croatian culture, faith and family; a sweet respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city.

As the Canadian-Croatian community grew throughout the 1970s, so did the need to provide more facilities in the park.
As such, washrooms and an olympic-sized swimming pool were constructed. By the 1980s, a two-storey rotisserie and meeting facility was constructed to meet the needs of large- scale picnics and the 1990s saw the addition of a licensed restaurant serving Croatian specialities such as ćevape and Karlovačko Pivo (imported beer).

The chapel was recently re-built on the foundation of the original chapel constructed in the 1960s. Father Kamber Park supports our youth by hosting the Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club’s House
League. Several generations later, Canadian-Croatians continue to gather for liturgical and cultural celebrations, as well as sporting events, including cheering on the Croatian National Soccer Team in the 2018 World Cup!


As a private members-only park, our mission is to preserve our Croatian culture and provide a space for members to create lasting memories with family and friends as we continue to uphold our commitment to being a cherished retreat for generations to come.

Father Kamber Croatian Park stands as a beacon of community, tradition, and tranquility.

Our Core Values

We are deeply rooted in fostering a sense of community, preserving our Croatian heritage, and providing a welcoming escape from the daily grind.

Continuously striving to maintain our park to the highest standards
Provide exceptional experiences for all who pass through our gates
Honouring the rich Croatian heritage that shapes our identity and celebrating the bonds of friendship and family that unite us